Gpx 3.5 Lite

Gpx 3.5 Lite

stretch material that is both lightweight and offers good airflow. Protection is offered by impact-absorbing inserts on the knuckles, a low-profile solution that not only provides protection but that is also very comfortable. Additional protection is offered by the microinjected 3D Brush Guard, which increases the scratch and abrasion resistance of the pinky and knuckles. The NanoGrip palm consists of fibers that are 7.500 times thinner than hair. Known for its minimalistic profile, durability and superior wet and dry grip properties, this palm simply cannot be compared to anything else out there. Try them – you will like them!


  • knuckle impact protection
  • Vented, Lite upper-hand material
  • Microinjected 3D Brush Guard reinforced pinky and knuckles
  • Pre-curved, snug fit and seamless palm
  • Soft touch cuff restraint
  • Multi-row technical thread stitching
  • Size: S-XXL


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