Leatt Boot 4.5 HydraDri

Leatt Boot 4.5 HydraDri

AVAILABLE IN: Cactus & Graphene

All new for 2023 is the Waterproof, Leatt 4.5 HydraDri boot. Using a fully waterproof, breathable inner liner to prevent the ingress from water, then seal the top using a tapered neoprene collar. Tested to surpass waterproofness of 20,000 mm+….so what does this mean? Well basically the liner has been tested to withstand heavy rain, and wet snow under high pressure!! Also has a rating of 20,000 breathability….so once again what does this mean? As well as not allowing water in, this clever inner material allows sweat, and moisture from your body out, to help keep you cool! The flat inside gives great feel of the frame, and the Jonny Walker developed Enduro sole gives help when pushing the bike, and great gear lever and rear brake control.You must check out the SlideLock Velcro function it really is groundbreaking in security fastening boot technology.

Some colors only available on order.